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A month of money smarts for kids of every age

You can start at any age.

The (not so) secret costs of being a woman: Earning, saving, investing

Here’s where the pay gap rears its ugly head.

Are online games scamming your kids—and you?

Facebook tricked kids into spending money on in-game purchases and refused to refund their parents.

What does the future hold for a 7-year-old who’s earning $22 million unboxing toys?

Kids and money advice for parents of precocious multimillionaires.

Should you freeze your kid’s credit for free?

The pros and cons of protecting their future credit.

The latest on interview mistakes and the 401(k)’s birthday

Financial Finds: A weekly roundup of quick personal finance reads.

How to help a high schooler apply for financial aid if their parents can’t (or won’t)

The financial aid process can be daunting, even more so if a student has to go it alone.

The latest on women working remotely and the public pension crisis

Financial Finds: A weekly roundup of quick personal finance reads.

You’ve got financial worry. When should you tell your kids?

When it’s necessary, and when it’s not.

The Federal Reserve wants to send you free teaching tools. Here’s how to get them.

From comic books to flashcards, there’s a teaching tool for everyone.

SNL’s Kate McKinnon and Beth Kobliner talk money with kids

Watch these kids learn about the financial facts of life in this hilarious video.

When your teen is making real money

From young YouTube stars to teen models, high-earning kids flip the script on money conversations.

Why brick-and-mortar banks still matter

Why you should open your kid’s first bank account together—and in person.

Your kid wants to apply to art school? Time to toss the stereotypes

With the right plan, art school can be rewarding and, yes, financially viable.

Teen Boss and the rise of the get-rich childhood

It’s time to remember a few fad-proof principles when it comes to kids and money.

How to give your kid money if you don’t believe in allowance

Giving an allowance just doesn’t sit right with some parents.

Two parents debate how to teach their kids about money, Newlywed Game-style

Tracy and Michelle are both money-savvy and supersmart. I quizzed this couple about how they teach their kids about money.

Do I need to buy life insurance now that I’m a parent?

Four tips for putting a plan in place to protect your family financially.

Watch kids talk about money

Check out this hilarious video that teach kids financial basics.

The latest on the Fed rate hike, retirement when your spouse is older, and charging your five-year-old rent

Financial Finds: A weekly roundup of quick personal finance reads.

My kid wants to know why we don’t spend money like her friends’ parents do

It can be hard for parents to tell a kid, over and over, “We can’t afford that.”

One Super Bowl bet you won’t regret

How to turn your Super Bowl haul into a win for your kid.

The latest on the future U.S. workforce, Betsy DeVos, and how colleges can actually lower costs for students

Financial Finds: A weekly roundup of quick personal finance reads.

Tips for teaching kids with special needs about money

How children with developmental or cognitive disabilities can learn valuable money skills.

The latest on financial resolutions, saving vs. investing, and talking about money

Financial Finds: A weekly roundup of quick personal finance reads.

3 cool organizations teaching kids about money

Here are some organizations that are taking financial literacy education to new heights.

The Smart Cookie’s holiday money tips

5 smart cookies on how to save some dough this holiday season.

The latest on identity theft, relationship finances, and how the GOP tax plan could hurt students

Financial Finds: A weekly roundup of quick personal finance reads.

Raise your daughters to be investors

Women now represent a higher percentage of people who have saved $1 million or more for retirement in a 401(k).

The latest on student loans, millennial money, and the war against college

Financial Finds: A weekly roundup of quick personal finance reads.

Divorce and the holidays: What it means for your finances

A recently divorced father can’t afford nice gifts for his son this year. Here are some tips.

The latest on tax reform, winning the lottery, and hidden costs for LGBTQ Americans

Financial Finds: A weekly roundup of quick personal finance reads.

The latest on money conversations, Medicaid, and the gig economy

Financial Finds: A weekly roundup of quick personal finance reads.

The money lesson that Halloween can teach our kids

Halloween is the perfect time to teach the value of moderation.

The latest on sending grandkids to college, tiny homeownership, and financial literacy

Financial Finds: A weekly roundup of quick personal finance reads.

The latest on student loans, sharing your salary, and planning for the unexpected

Financial Finds: A weekly roundup of quick personal finance reads.

The latest on charitable millennials and financial aid for school

Financial Finds: A weekly roundup of quick personal finance reads.

The latest on financial aid, bank promotions, and college

Financial Finds: A weekly roundup of quick personal finance reads.

My son is a scholarship kid at a fancy high school. How do I talk to him as he struggles to fit in?

What to tell your teen kid if his friends can afford things that your family can’t.

The latest on bankruptcy, millennial women, and a nationwide college crisis

Financial Finds: A weekly roundup of quick personal finance reads.

The latest on charitable kids, money stress, and college tuition

Financial Finds: A weekly roundup of quick personal finance reads.

The latest on millennial money, free college, and financial advice for creatives

Financial Finds: A weekly roundup of quick personal finance reads.

The latest on shopping as a stay-at-home parent, broke dating, and more

Financial Finds: A weekly roundup of quick personal finance reads.

The latest on free college, saving money as a parent, and smart financial strategies

Financial Finds: A weekly roundup of quick personal finance reads.

How do I talk to my adult kid about moving out?

What to do when your adult kid doesn’t seem to be preparing financially to move out of your home.

Money Genius: The movie

Highlights from my coast-to-coast book tour.

Say you lose your job. How do you talk about it with your kids?

Poll the Parents: Job loss is a tough money conversation, especially when it comes to your kids. Different parents talk about how they would discuss.

How to turn back-to-school shopping into money lessons for your kid

Poll the Parents: What do you do if your kid wants a sweet (expensive) pair of new kicks?

Your kids want to start a lemonade stand. What do you do to help?

Poll the Parents: Does your mini-entrepreneur want to start a lemonade stand this summer? Here’s what parents had to say about their role in their kids’ citrusy new venture.

Should I bribe my kid for good grades or behavior?

One problem: Research has found that bribery doesn’t work.

Should I bother teaching my kid about investing?

The answer may surprise you.

Where do your kids keep most of their own savings?

Poll the Parents: The America Saves Week edition of our poll lived up to the name.

What your kid can learn from your March Madness office pool win

This March Madness, here’s how to turn your office pool windfall into a lesson for your kid about what to do when coming into money.

The most important money lesson you should teach your kids

Beth discusses the five things your kids need to know as they grow with

How to lend money to your kids. (Don't.)

Thinking of bailing out your grown children with a loan? First, think about what message that sends.

Want your girl to get paid like a boy? Treat her like one

Level the playing field by teaching our daughters the salary negotiating skills that boys seem to deploy so effectively.

Should I tell my kids how much money I make?

How to talk about your salary without revealing the actual number.

Meet the inspiration behind Make Your Kid a Money Genius

Listen to Beth Kobliner’s dad share some financial wisdom on making your kid a money genius.

4 money valentines for you to give to your kids

This Valentine’s Day, share love and learning with your kids using these supersmart money valentines!

Make Your Kid a Money Genius: The activity kit

Here is a fun activity kit to help you teach your kid money skills—everything from smart spending to charitable giving!

How upset would you be if your kid maxed out your credit card?

Poll the Parents: Our kids can do no wrong—except when they do.

Should I let my high schooler get a part-time job?

Beth weighs the pros and cons on what to do when your kid wants a dose of real world experience.

Two weeks until Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even If You’re Not) is published!

Learn how to teach your kid financial skills—pre-order today for a special bonus!

5 regrettable money tattoos—and 5 terrible money decisions college kids make

There’s more than one way for your adult child to screw up her future.

Which money virtue is most important to instill in your child?

Poll the Parents: In our latest survey, parents had to make a tough choice: What’s the ultimate money virtue to instill in your kid?

100 years of cookies: How the girl scouts have been baking up money geniuses for a whole century

Guess what these girls wanted to buy with all that hard-earned cookie money?

Should I give my kids allowance?

Trying to figure out how to handle allowance in your family? Here's how parents can tackle this age-old question.

The release of Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even If You’re Not) is one month away. Pre-order today!

‘Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even If You’re Not)’ comes out in one month. Learn how to teach your kid financial skills—pre-order today!!

5 ways to make sure those gift cards keep on giving

Gift cards are a great opportunity to teach your kids valuable money lessons, from decision-making to budgeting.

Did you stick to your budget for the kids’ presents this holiday season?

Poll the Parents: Parents confessed whether they stuck to their budget or went for broke when buying presents for their kids this past holiday season.

Announcing winners of the Money Genius book giveaway!

Thanks to all the parents who submitted Money Genius Moments!

What your baby can teach you about personal finance

Your baby offers unconditional love. But that’s not all. She might actually be the world’s cutest personal finance expert.

What should your kid do with any gift money he gets this year?

Poll the Parents: Parents answer what their kids should do with their holiday cash windfall.

Should I encourage my kid to give to charity during the holidays?

Five strategies for fostering your kid’s giving spirit.

When is the right age for your kid to get a part-time job?

Poll the Parents: I asked parents when they thought their kids should get a job. Here's what they said.

Should I make my kid pay for the gifts she gives to other people?

Here’s how you can raise a thoughtful gift giver.

Work it! 10 dreamy jobs for parents to share with kids

Kids have lots of dream jobs: president, astronaut, firefighter. How do they get there?

What do you do if your kid wants to make a big, expensive purchase?

Poll the Parents: How different parents manage their kids' spending habits.

Teach your kids how to budget using this holiday-themed pie activity

Follow this simple-as-pie recipe for teaching your kids smart spending.

Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even If You’re Not)

A guide for parents that offers the “financial facts of life” for every stage of kids' lives. Pre-order today on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & Indiebound.

Read this before you push your deadbeat millennial out of the house

More and more adult children are moving home with mom and dad. Find out why that might make smart financial sense, in Beth's piece for Money Magazine.

An interview with Elizabeth Warren

The Senior Senator from Massachusetts, creator of the CFPB and grandma of three talks to Beth about the personal side of personal finance, at the Huffington Post.

It's easy to bribe your kids, but it could bite you in the ass

Can your kid pass this 3-question money quiz? (And, just between us, can you?) Give it a try on Beth's premiere blog for

3 questions your kid needs to be able to answer about money

Can your kid pass this 3-question money quiz? (And, just between us, can you?)

Money as You Grow has a new home with the CFPB

Some new activities to teach kids money habits at all ages.

Money as You Grow has a new home

As of March 17, the site I spearheaded as a member of President Obama's Advisory Council on Financial Capability, has been adopted by the CFPB.

3 ways your kids will redefine the American Dream

How are Millennials reworking the traditional measures of success?

So your kid wants to be an entrepreneur? 4 reasons to think twice

Do you have what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur?  Here's why you shouldn't quit that day job just yet.

I teamed up with Khan Academy to give advice about paying back your student loans

If you've got questions about student loan repayment, don't worry. Here's a rundown of the best ways to repay.

4 ways to teach toddlers about money

Some great quotes from "How Toddlers Thrive" by Dr. Tovah Klein, and how to start young when it comes to talking to kids about money.

Beth Kobliner on CNBC "On the Money"

What are the top five money mistakes parents make with their kids? Beth went on CNBC "On the Money" to discuss. See her tips!

9 ways you’re passing on bad money habits to your kids

Even the most money-evolved parents make mistakes. Are you guilty of these?

Money as You Grow: Now with over one million visitors

The site I helped develop for the President’s Council went viral! See the 20 money lessons that kids need to know.

Get your monthly payments under control: Income-driven repayment plans for your federal student loans

Grad with mounds of student loan debt? Beth explains how to avoid month-to-month aggravation.

5 tips to help your teen score a summer job

It’s not always easy for your kid to score a summer job. Here’s how you can help.

5 super simple money lessons to teach kids of all ages

Small lessons you can teach now that will take the pressure off of you, and start your kid down the path to becoming a money-savvy adult.

Infographic: 10 tips to make your kids good gift givers

With tweens spending a record amount of their own money, we need to remind kids that it is the thought, after all, that counts. Check out my infographic for the top 10 lessons to teach your kids!

Money as You Learn: Teaching money math

Developed on the recommendation of the President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability, of which I'm a member, Money as You Learn provides tools for educators to integrate personal finance into teaching the Common Core.

Are your kids too entitled?

As a parent, you’re not alone if you find yourself in shock and awe over all the stuff your kids possess. I mean seriously, would you ever have imagined having that much when you were a kid?

Is automating your kid's allowance a good idea?

Do allowance websites make kids more—or less—money savvy?

What Modern Family can teach us about allowance and money smarts

Around our house, we’re big fans of Modern Family. So when I read that each kid on the show is paid $70,000 per episode, I was surprised to find out that despite their high salaries, they still have modest allowances.

New rules for your kid’s allowance

Don't step into some back-alley bargaining you're bound to regret! Here are three new rules about your kids’ money.

How parents influence their child’s future income

Parents often hope that their kids will surpass them when it comes to success. But is there a way to guarantee it?

When should kids become techies?

Remember pleading with your parents for a new puppy? The 21st-century version of that conversation begins with, “Mom, I need a cell phone.”

Money values, my daughter, and Lady Gaga

My 16-year-old daughter was recently asked to participate in a national anti-bullying conference to launch the Born This Way Foundation.

The great debate: Should kids get an allowance?

The number one subject parents ask me about is allowance.

What middle schoolers need to know about money

It's always a treat to speak at schools, where I can connect with children I don't know and who haven't been inundated with my money mania.

The value of delayed gratification

Waiting for anything is so hard for kids—but our children are learning a powerful life lesson: How to delay gratification.

How young is too young to teach kids about money?

Research shows that kids as young as three years old can learn about money. And fear not! Kids don’t need math skills to build good financial habits.

How to break bad financial news to your kids

It can be tough to talk to your kid about bad financial news like a layoff or a foreclosure. Here are some tips.