The latest on the financial future of millennials—and why many American children are at risk of losing health insurance

The latest on the financial future of millennials—and why some American children are still at risk of losing health insurance

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


Generation screwed

Huffington Post

This is a must-read. Turns out, millennials are not all entitled, lazy avocado-toast eaters. In fact, they face a financial future far more daunting than their parents’ generation. Here’s a collection of honest, important, and sometimes devastating stories about how they got here, and what to do next.

When money can’t buy the best Christmas gift


Sometimes the best Christmas present isn’t swaddled in wrapping paper. Here’s a heartwarming story about how one family realized what’s really important over the holiday season.

Kids’ health insurance hangs in balance, and parents wonder what’s wrong with Congress

Washington Post

If Congress does not reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), it could leave families like the Smiths stranded and unable to afford health insurance for their children. This should not be a bipartisan issue: All children deserve adequate health care.

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Want to save money and spread money smarts to your kids this holiday? These supersweet Smart Cookies deliver lessons in giving, spending, and more.

The Republican tax overhaul is a done deal. Here’s your action plan.

Now that the GOP’s tax overhaul is official, it’s time to get a grip on the new financial landscape. Here is my guide on what to do. Tip: Get started as soon as possible—some of these are time-sensitive.

My kid wants to know why we don’t spend money like her friends’ parents do

It’s hard as a parent to tell your kid, “We can’t afford that,” especially when they see their friends take luxury vacations or wear the latest fashions. Here’s how to have a productive, honest conversation about money—and your values.

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