The latest on the future U.S. workforce, Betsy DeVos, and how colleges can lower costs for students

The latest on the future U.S. workforce, Betsy DeVos, and how colleges can actually lower costs for students

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Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


The real future of work


Automation and outsourcing abroad aren’t the only forces that have changed the U.S. labor market. Over the past two decades, many U.S. workers have shifted from being full-time employees to independent contractors. Unfortunately, this alternative work environment typically means lower wages and cuts to key benefits, like retirement plans and health insurance. This report takes a deep dive into this growing workforce and the need for policies that help these workers secure more stability and workplace protections.

Backing DeVos repeal of Obama rules, for-profit colleges vilify students

The Huffington Post

Betsy DeVos’s quest to end the Obama-era borrower defense rule continues. Designed to protect students and taxpayers from predatory practices by for-profit colleges, the rule is being debated in regulatory meetings by various stakeholders. This is one saga I plan to keep my eye on.

We can help more college students graduate—at lower cost

The Hill

College students are burdened by the rising cost of higher education. Some schools are trying to change that, by implementing new programs and tools designed to help students learn more in fewer semesters. This op-ed explores how our government could help scale this effort to benefit students across the country.

The myth of the “good” girl who’s “bad” with money


In pop culture and social media there’s been a pervasive negative stereotype: Women are bad with money. The upshot? Real-life women feel pressure to be perfect. While there is still much to be done to combat the stereotype—and related systemic problems like the gender pay gap—this author calls on women to let go of the “good” and “bad” labels, and start discussing finances out in the open. I’m all for it.

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Tips for teaching kids with special needs about money

Raising a child with special needs like an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Down Syndrome, or another developmental or cognitive delay or disability can be challenging. Here’s my tips for parents on how to introduce important money skills into their world.

U.S. credit card debt hits a record high—but yours doesn’t have to.

Charged too much during the holidays? You’re not the only one. Credit card debt has hit a record high in the U.S. Here’s how you can get yours under control.

Yes, freelancers can save for retirement, too!

It may be daunting to think about retirement plans when you’re a freelancer (HR, who?) but you can do it. Here’s how to start paying yourself to save for retirement now. (Way easier than chasing a client for that late invoice.)

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