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Website Resources

These are the organizations, government agencies, nonprofits, books, magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs, and more that I would recommend to my closest friends.


Compare rates for bank accounts;
Find a credit union;

Credit Cards
Compare credit cards;;

Check your credit report;
Check your credit score;

Detect and fix child identity theft
Report identity theft

Giving Back
Give to charity;;;;;
Measure effectiveness of a charity;;

Apply for disability insurance
Apply for health insurance;

Calculate compound interest
Compare money market funds
Consult a robo-advisor,,
Learn about retirement saving;

Legal Advice
Find sample legal forms;
Hire an attorney to create or review a will;

Paying for College: Applying for Financial Aid
Apply for federal student aid (starting Oct. 1)
Apply for non-federal aid from about 400 mostly elite schools (starting Oct. 1)
Compare your financial aid offer details
Find a school’s net price calculator and determine estimated college cost for you
Find schools that offer more money,;;;
Find the best college fit by value
Get an early financial aid estimate of eligibility (e.g., in ninth grade)
Get info on federal loans, scholarships, and grants;

Paying for College: General
Download outreach tools, flyers, infographics, etc. for college counselors.
Get a roundup of military benefits like the GI Bill
Learn about education tax credits
Read the best book about paying for college Paying for College
Watch videos about paying for college; (Beth’s videos: “A Message to Parents on Paying for College” and “Paying Back Your Loans”)

Paying for College: Student Loans
Get details on income-driven repayment;
Get objective information about private loans
Get Entrance/Exit Counseling for federal loans (required for all federal borrowers) (Financial Awareness Counseling Tool)
Learn about combining many federal loans into single federal loan with a fixed interest rate
Project your student debt and monthly payments, and choose the right repayment plan;
See whether you qualify for federal loan deferment or forbearance
See whether you qualify for federal loan forgiveness, cancellation, or discharge
Verify what you owe and to whom

Apply for jobs;;
Compare salaries and labor statistics;;