Announcing winners of the Money Genius book giveaway!

Announcing winners of the Money Genius book giveaway!

The response to the first Make Your Kid a Money Genius giveaway was incredible! Thanks so much to all of you who shared your educational, edifying, and downright funny Money Genius Moments. Your kids are lucky to have parents so attentive to their financial well being.

Narrowing the list down to just five winners was tough—there could have been a dozen honorable mentions—but here are my picks. Each parent demonstrates a smart and meaningful way to teach your kid a different financial skill, from hard work to charity to … the economics of poultry farming?

And the winners are  

Dayna Coleman Baldwin, who transformed a henhouse into an econ classroom by hatching a very clever scheme to teach budgeting to her little farmers.

Mychal Connolly, who turned a request for an Xbox into a lesson about hard work—and got a clean lawn out of the bargain. (Smart thinking, Dad!)

Roxanne Ferber, who showed us that twins might double your vacation expenses, but they also double the opportunity to teach responsible spending habits.

Eugenia Greene-Wureh, whose super-charitable son touched off a family discussion about the most effective ways to give to those in need.

Shannon Provost, whose Legoland dreamers are learning all about opportunity cost and what it means to save up for something you truly want.

(Note to the winners: We’ll be in touch soon to sort out how best to deliver your free book!)

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