The latest on millennial homeowners, tuition freezes, and money makeovers

The latest on millennial homeowners, tuition freezes, and money makeovers

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


14 millennials got honest about how they afforded homeownership

—BuzzFeed News

Fewer millennials are buying homes than previous generations did at this stage of their lives. Here’s an honest, transparent look at 14 millennial homeowners across the country who managed to make it happen, and how they did it.

Teaching kids how to give can make them financially literate adults

—Consumer Affairs

A new multigenerational study out of the the University of Arizona shows that children of parents who teach them about giving from a young age are more likely to become happy adults who are comfortable with saving money and creating a budget.

I’m $37,000 in debt and haven’t made a payment on my student loans in 5 years. How can I fix this?


While some prefer She’s All That or The Devil Wears Prada for their makeover movie fix, I love to watch (and help) people in tough financial straits turn their lives around. Here, author Ramit Sethi comes to the aid of a young woman and her husband, making a plan for tackling their student debt and improving their overall relationship with money.

Virginia public colleges freeze tuition for coming school year

—The Washington Post

By voting to hold tuition steady at the state’s public colleges for the coming academic year, Virginia is offering a model for other state governments to follow.

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