The latest on 529 Day, nightmare Airbnb guests, and how money-conscious millennials solved marriage

The latest on 529 Day, Airbnb nightmares, and how millennials solved marriage

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


It’s almost ‘529 Day,’ and states say don’t forget this college savings gift

—The New York Times

This 529 Day, jumpstart the college savings for your kid. Americans have room for improvement in this area. Only 16% of parents whose children are below college age have an account.

4 common personal finance tips that will actually fail you

—The Motley Fool

Not all pieces of personal finance advice are created equal. From home buying to retirement saving, here are four rules that could leave you a day late and a dollar short.

Airbnb is an awesome service—until the guest from hell shows up

—Los Angeles Times

When your Airbnb rental is paying your entire mortgage, who’s to complain? But what if disaster strikes in the form of a nightmare tenant? Another reason to beware the double-edged sword of the sharing economy.

Young marrieds are staying married, thanks to our divorced parents


Divorce rates are down 24% since 1981. It turns out that millennials shell-shocked by their parents’ bitter partings are more likely to put their finances in order before getting married—and that helps achieve marital security.

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Preparing financially for divorce

Facing divorce means making careful decisions about your financial well-being, presently and in the future. Here’s an action plan.

How to deal with your online shopping addiction at work

If you’re one of the roughly 140 million Americans who admit to shopping online at work, here are some tips to kick the habit before it hampers your productivity and blows your budget.

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