The latest on college financial aid, charitable millennials, and managing parents’ money

The latest on charitable millennials and financial aid for school

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


High school graduates passed up $2.3 billion in money for college this year


Looks like we’ve got work to do. Making the application process easier and educating students and parents are key to ensuring everyone gets the financial aid they need. My step-by-step guide to college financial aid is a good starting point.

How millennials are changing the landscape of nonprofit giving


This is funny—just this week, I wrote about generational differences when it comes to charitable giving! Here’s more on how millennials think about giving back, and what that might mean for nonprofits and other organizations.

On managing parental finances from afar

The Billfold

As parents age, the roles can sometimes reverse when it comes to managing money. Taking over parts of your parent’s financial life can be a challenge—both logistically and emotionally. Here’s one woman’s honest experience.

How low-income students can avoid this college debt trap


Students who have to unexpectedly leave college—especially for reasons beyond their control—often are not aware of the hidden costs. If you drop out with over 40% of the term left, aid must be returned to the federal government. It’s a system that hurts low-income families the most.

Study reveals how personal keepsakes can help you save money

Yahoo Finance

Can Grandpa’s old watch help you save money? A super-interesting new study found that engaging with nostalgic items like family heirlooms could help improve financial behavior, prompting people to save more.

Craving more fresh financial finds? Here is the latest from

Why being annoying is a smart money move for buying a home

The true story of how a first-time home buyer locked in a super-low mortgage rate by being, well, super-annoying. Persistence and tenacity pay off when it comes to buying a house!

What is your approach to charitable giving?

I asked people from three different generations about the things they consider when they give to charity. The answers may surprise you!

How do I talk to my teenager about paying for college?

The majority of kids believe Mom and Dad will front the whole bill for college, but the reality is that most parents can’t cover all the costs. Here’s how to have that tough, early conversation about tuition and student loans.

My sister stole from our parents

Family drama can be difficult, especially if it involves money. I talked to experts about what steps to take when your sibling—or another family member—stole from an ailing parent.

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