The latest on charitable kids, money stress, and college tuition

The latest on charitable kids, money stress, and college tuition

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


14 documents every new parent needs

Washington Post

If you’re a new parent, congratulations! Paperwork might be the last thing on your mind, but make sure you have these important financial documents for your newborn. They’ll have a big impact on taxes, inheritance, and even college. After all, it’s never too early to open a 529 plan.

Even kids can have a role in helping after natural disasters

Washington Post

If your kids want to help out after a hurricane or earthquake, encourage them! And allow yourself a bit of pride. Here are some ways kids can help out after a natural disaster. And if your kids haven’t expressed interest, don’t worry—there are plenty of steps you can take to help your children develop a charitable spirit.

When community college is free

New York Times

Does free community college work? Findings from a new Chicago program say yes. We should work towards adopting this across the entire nation. Education should be accessible to people of all income levels!

How money stress costs employers $250 billion a year

Right About Money

Money stress isn’t just hard on everyday people, it’s also costly for the economy. It hurts employees and employers. Yet another reason to push for better financial education for everyone—whether at school or in the workplace.

Little girl uses her lemonade stand to pay down other kids’ school lunch debt

—Good News Network

So inspiring! This little girl is going places. Combining entrepreneurship with charity at such a young age. A lemonade stand is not only a great way to teach kids about money, but it can also be a tool for good!

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How do I make sure my partner and I are on the same financial page before we marry?

Don’t let money sour your engagement. Having an open conversation about your respective finances sooner rather than later is key to a successful relationship.

What money question keeps you up at night?

What stumps you most about finance? I asked folks from three different generations and got, well, three very different answers!

I quit college—and it was my best money decision

Can dropping out of college ever be a smart financial move? Here’s why this woman has no regrets about quitting college the first time around.

Help! My retired parents want me to give them money to start a goat farm (with no experience)

This reader’s parents retired and decided they wanted to start a goat farm, with zero farming experience. How do you tell your parents you can’t invest in their plans—without crushing their dreams?

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