The latest on financial goals, 529s as baby gifts, and a father’s last money lesson

The latest on financial goals, 529s as baby gifts, and a father’s last money lesson

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


Why we’re moving into our parents’ condo

The Billfold

Moving in with your parents—or into a condo they own—can be a smart financial move. But (and this is a very necessary but) you must have a plan. Here is a great example of how this decision can be made wisely.

My inheritance was my father’s last lesson to me and I am still learning it


I got emotional reading this story about a father’s last money lesson to his child, and how it has shaped the writer’s adulthood. It’s easy to forget just how personal personal finance can be, and stories like this remind us of why understanding money matters.

How will I ever afford all the stuff I want?

The Cut

Sometimes it can be hard to reconcile your goals with the reality of your financial situation. This piece is filled with advice on what to do when you feel like you can’t keep up financially. Remember to make a plan, and talk to your loved ones about how you can get there together.

Should you give a 529 college savings account as a baby gift?

U.S. News

Got some baby showers coming up and can’t think of a gift? How about contributing to the newborn’s future through a 529 college savings account? While setting up the logistics can be a bit of a hassle, it’s well worth it. Kids with any amount of money in a college savings account—even just $1—are more likely to go to college.

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Why universities should add personal finance to their social work programs

It’s so inspiring to see passionate people working toward a better financial future for all. I spoke to Holly, a financial social worker in Baltimore, about her work and education. If you’ve ever considered a career in economic justice, read this.

We can’t let the CFPB give Equifax a free pass

The Equifax data breach was one of the largest in history, putting 143 million Americans at risk for identity theft. The CFPB, under a new director appointed by President Trump, isn’t taking the investigation seriously—putting more Americans at risk.

Should we hire an accountant to do our taxes?

Tax season is sneaking up on us. If you’re thinking about hiring an accountant this year, here’s how to decide. A CPA can save you hundreds of dollars, but not everyone will need one. 

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