Money Genius is now available in these international editions

In any language, Money Genius means money-smart kids

My second book, the New York Times bestseller Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even If You’re Not), came out nearly two and a half years ago. After my cross-country book tour and dozens of events talking to audiences from the Girl Scouts to the Chicago Fed about raising money-savvy kids, the book is still making itself known. Parents keep writing me after discovering it to say how it’s helping them tamp down their fear of passing on dicey financial habits. And as I look at my calendar, I note more upcoming talks about kids and money. Parents want their kids to have a healthy relationship with money and my book is being used as a guide. As an author, what could be better?

Glad you asked. Because while Money Genius may have been written for an American audience, turns out its mission crosses borders. For proof, just look at these very cool covers for six of the eight international editions of the book either on sale now or in the works. From the top, moving clockwise, check out the designs for Taiwan, Russia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, and China. When the Korean and Vietnamese editions are done, you can be sure I’ll share those covers, too. And while each country has made some edits for their home market (the U.S. student loan process isn’t exactly need-to-know information in Kiev, for example), the overarching message is clear and universal: When we help our kids understand the financial facts of life, we are setting them up to be more successful—and less stressed out-adults.

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