The latest news on sending grandkids to college, tiny homeownership, and financial literacy

The latest on sending grandkids to college, tiny homeownership, and financial literacy

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


Grandparents raising grandkids grapple with retirement and college costs at the same time

Washington Post

We often talk about parents paying for their kid’s college, but we forget about the many grandparents who end up paying for their grandkid’s tuition with their retirement money. The college conversation may be even more urgent in these cases. But the template for talking to teenagers about paying for college remains the same: Start early, and manage expectations.

Which colleges give you the most for your money? Depends on how you measure it

Wall Street Journal

It’s that time of year again: college application season. Now that your senior is filling out the Common App, start thinking about which colleges will be the best value for your money. While this may be the last thing on your high schooler’s mind, it’s important to have a conversation early about the realities of paying student loans after graduation.

Are you, unlike most americans, actually good with money? This quiz will tell you


Are you good with money? Find out how much personal finance knowledge you have with this short quiz. Don’t worry if you flunk—it’s better to start learning now than never!

‘Tiny House Hunters’ and the shrinking American dream


The brilliant Roxane Gay on America’s latest fixation on tiny houses and homeownership, and what it means for the middle class (aspirational or otherwise).

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The financial flip: How do I help my aging parents manage their money better?

As your parents get older, you may find yourself in the ultimate role reversal—having to help out with their finances. Here are ways to have a supportive and meaningful conversation about it, without stepping on any toes.

Americans are losing the battle for consumer protections against banks

The Senate recently voted to kill a CFPB rule which would have allowed Americans to file class-action lawsuits against banks. In light of the recent Wells Fargo and Equifax scandals, this is a big loss for everyday consumers.

What makes for a financially healthy relationship with your significant other?

I asked folks from three different generations about what it takes to have a financially healthy relationship. The answers were very different—but there’s something surprising to learn from all of them! Discover the 3 keys to love & money.

What should I say when someone gives me “helpful” money advice?

We’ve all been there: An acquaintance insists on giving you bad money advice. Here’s what to do if you’re tired of someone pushing you to lease a Porsche or buy a shady timeshare in the desert.

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