The latest on student loans, millennial money, and the war against college

The latest on student loans, millennial money, and the war against college

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


Student loans due? 5 smart moves to pay off private and federal education debt easily—and cheaply


If you graduated from college this year, congratulations! But that means your six-month grace period is over, and it’s time to start paying off your student loans. Here’s some advice to make this as painless as possible.

Money diaries, where millennial women go to judge one another’s spending habits

The New Yorker

For the record, I love Refinery29’s Money Diaries—they’re a refreshingly honest look at how millennials spend their money (even if they make me wince sometimes). This one reveals how much work we have to do when it comes to talking about the last taboo: money.

Six myths about choosing a college major

—The New York Times

You’ve heard the conventional wisdom about college majors: STEM degrees are worth more than liberal arts. Not so fast. Here’s the surprising research behind six major myths.

 The Republican war on college

—The Atlantic

The tax reform bills going through Congress would have a devastating impact on graduate students, and raise education costs for all. Here’s the frightening math to prove it.

Craving more financial finds? Here are my latest blog posts!

       5 questions to ask before you (don’t) sign up for a store credit card

Store cards sure are enticing. That discount sounds especially sweet if you’re already at the register with a big purchase. But they can be an expensive mistake, with astronomical interest rates. Here’s why.

Divorce and the holidays: What it means for your finances

Hank, a recently divorced father, asks what he can do with his son this holiday season on a tighter-than-usual budget. Fortunately, less money doesn’t mean less love. Here’s some advice on making some new traditions.

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