The latest on free college, saving money as a parent, and smart financial strategies

The latest on free college, saving money as a parent, and smart financial strategies

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


How much money should I have by the time I’m 30?

The Cut

There’s no hard-and-fast answer to the question: “How much should I have saved by age __?” Focusing on the numbers won’t help nearly as much as setting goals for good financial habits, such as automating your retirement savings or challenging yourself to have honest money conversations.

The biggest misconception about today’s college students

New York Times

Turns out coeds these days aren’t all spring breaking in Cabo or joining fraternities. Many—a shocking 40%—are working 30-plus hours a week while attending school, and a quarter are single parents.

How to go to college for free in America


We still have a long way to go to reach free college tuition in the U.S., but we’re off to a promising start. More than 20 states now have free tuition structures. Here’s how you can snag a degree for free (or close to it).

26-year-old who banked $100,000 in 3 years says these strategies helped him do it


This millennial used some supersmart financial strategies to save up for a dream getaway. Extra points for automating his savings—my favorite tip for successful saving. Skimming a percent right off the top will force you to get used to living off the rest.

10 mindful money tricks for brand-new parents


As a new parent, it’s natural to feel like your financial life is in chaos. New clothes, diapers, toys, sleep deprivation…it all adds up. Here are a few simple money tips to follow so you can focus on what matters—your baby. (While you’re at it, make sure to take advantage of your state’s 529 college savings plan.)

16 ways to save money on kids’ activities

Washington Post

Whether it’s guitar lessons, dance class, soccer practice, or something else, activities for your kid can get pricey. Here’s how to save some money while still letting her enjoy the extracurriculars she loves.

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