The latest on interview horror stories to learn from and 40 years of the 401(k)

The latest on interview mistakes and the 401(k)’s birthday

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


Charles Schwab executive talks financial literacy

Associated Press

My former colleague on President Obama’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability tells a great story about how allowance helped her young son decide that “his money was more valuable than mine.”

The 401(k) is forty and fabulous


Forty years ago, Congress created the 401(k). Today, it’s how most Americans save for retirement—a great example of how elected officials affect our financial lives.

Read these interview horror stories—so they don’t happen to you


Being a chatterbox. Laying on the buzzwords. Not asking your own questions. Having a typo on your resume. Know the interview don’ts—so you don’t do them yourself.

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The future of finance is female

I was invited by Smart Women Securities to speak to a group of college women dedicated to the financial sector. From quantitative traders to consultants, they were an impressive lot!

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