The gig economy, money conversations, and how Medicaid saved thousands from bankruptcy

The latest on money conversations, Medicaid, and the gig economy

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


Could a tax fix the gig economy?

The Atlantic

Benefits like 401(k)s and healthcare are just as important for freelancers as they are for full-time employees. I’ve written about the gig economy’s problems before. Perhaps a tax could help protect its workers.

Three money conversations every teen should have with their parents


Great back-and-forth between Suze Orman and her niece on important financial topics. These are the pressing money conversations every family should be having, especially as your kids get older.

Paying for college shouldn’t be this complicated


Understanding how to pay for college can seem like trying to read another language, which is why I’ve spent so much time breaking it down and creating guides. But it shouldn’t be this way.

Behavioral economist explains a 3-jar system that teaches kids about money

Yahoo Finance

Dan Ariely, a behavioral economist who coined one of my favorite phrases, “pain of paying,” (using cash instead of a card is more “painful”) also uses the 3-jar system when teaching his kids about money. It’s similar to the system I taught Elmo on Sesame Street back in 2011: for me, for you, for later.

Medicaid expansion saved 50,000 people from bankruptcy in 2 years


Health insurance is the #1 priority in personal finance. I like to think of it as “bankruptcy insurance.” New research shows that Medicaid has had a huge impact on financial well-being, improving credit scores and reducing debt for those covered.

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