The latest on shopping as a stay-at-home parent, broke dating, and more

The latest on shopping as a stay-at-home parent, broke dating, and more

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


The debt trap: How the student loan industry betrays young americans

The Guardian

Navient gets more complaints per borrower than any other student loan servicer. With so many harmful or misleading business practices, it’s important that we have a healthy Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that continues to put everyday people’s interests first.

In the weeks before freshman year, money worries aplenty


Nearly one-third of college-bound teens from low-income families never get to start their freshman year, once financial realities set in. Do-gooders like public high school counselor Torri Hayslett hope that, with proper preparation and education, that number can be reduced.

Thirty, Dating, and Broke

The Billfold

What’s the best way to tell your date that you’re in a…less-than-desirable financial situation? Humor works, for sure, but as things get more serious you should start the conversation sooner rather than later.

Shopping when your partner works and you don’t


This mom left her six-figure job to take care of the kids—but the going hasn’t been easy. Spending money without feeling guilty can be tricky in a relationship when one person earns significantly more than the other. The key is to have honest and transparent conversations about your shared finances.

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