Student loans, sharing your salary, and planning for the unexpected

The latest on student loans, sharing your salary, and planning for the unexpected

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


Advocates praise student loan scam crackdown, demand more


The student loan industry has drawn recent criticism for its failure to protect borrowers amid the rising cost of college debt. While both federal and state prosecutors pursue these cases, more needs to be done to scuttle student loan “relief” scams that falsely claim they can eliminate student debt.

The long story of the movement toward college cost clarity

–The New York Times

Paying for college has long been a confusing task, but three bipartisan bills are currently on the table to help families calculate actual college costs, decode financial aid award letters, and receive a clearer explanation of the debt a student is racking up while in school.

Are you being underpaid?These co-workers are most likely to tell you what they earn


A Bankrate study reveals 30% millennials are open in talking about their salaries in the workplace, compared to only 8% of Baby Boomers. Any conversation that gets people talking more about money earns my approval, especially when it can help shed light on wage inequality and the gender pay gap.

We’re ditching cash. So how do we teach kids about money?

–USA Today

With credit card and digital payment apps on the rise, seeing cash changing hands is becoming a rarity for kids. Here are some tips on how to teach kids about money in today’s increasingly cashless society.

How to plan for the unforeseen

–The New York Times

Recent events like Hurricane Irma have galvanized people to make sure they are financially prepared. But what do you do when something unexpected happens to someone you love, leaving you to handle all the details and costs? Here are some resources to help you and your loved ones be prepared for the worst.

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How do I discuss making more money with my spouse?

If you and your partner are feeling anxious about money constraints, a conversation may be in order. Here’s how to approach this sensitive topic without stressing each other out.

John Oliver breaks down the Equifax data breach

Still upset by the Equifax data breach that compromised the personal information for more than 145 million Americans? You should be. John Oliver delivers his maddeningly funny take on the whole situation.

What’s the best financial advice you’ve ever received?

I’ve gotten countless words of financial wisdom from my dad, so I always like to find out how others came across their most treasured money tip. Here, I asked three different generations to share the best money advice that changed their life.

Could sentimental Items help you save more money?

Time to break out your teddy bear. A new study reveals how sentimental items that stir up positive feelings could help you achieve your savings goals and a better financial life.

My brother took out a credit card in my name

If you’re the victim of identity theft, you probably assume it might be some anonymous hacker, not your brother. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened to this woman. Here’s what to say to your family member and how to protect yourself against future fraud.

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