The latest on leftover Halloween candy, financial heroes, and tax reform for college students

The latest on leftover Halloween candy, financial heroes, and what Trump’s tax reform means for college students

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


Five ways to donate leftover halloween candy to sweeten an ill child’s or overseas soldier’s day

ABC Action News

Did your kids score an enormous candy haul this Halloween? Turn this into a money lesson and teach them the value of giving by donating those extra Kit Kats to charity. Here are a few organizations that will accept your gift.

These 5 financial heroes are improving vulnerable people’s lives


We could all use some more role models. From helping immigrants get credit scores to extreme-couponing for good, here are some supercool financial heroes to inspire you (and your kid!)

College students set to lose several big tax breaks under GOP tax plan


Attention college students: The House tax reform bill repeals the student-loan interest deduction and ends a popular education tax break. Here are the details on these and other proposed changes for taxpayers with student loans.

The department of education is pulling the rug out from under student parents

Pacific Standard

An on-campus childcare subsidy for college-student parents is no longer being funded in 2018. This will hurt over a million parents who are balancing raising kids and getting an education without going into debt.

The high cost of being a stay-at-home parent


How you raise a child is entirely your own decision, and parents should be free to choose to stay home or hire help. However, it’s important to consider the cost to your career. Check out this article and calculator.

Here’s how the gender gap applies to retirement


Unfortunately, the gender gap affects retirement as well. A study found that women were 80% more likely than men to face poverty at retirement. One way to help combat this? Financial literacy for the next generation, starting early. (Read more on why parents still have unconscious bias when it comes to teaching their girls vs. their boys about money.)

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Your move: Obamacare open enrollment starts today

If you are in the market for health insurance, go to Despite much confusion over its future, Obamacare is alive and well, and the open enrollment period lasts until December 15. Enroll ASAP—securing health coverage is your most important financial move.

The money lesson that Halloween can teach our kids

Every Halloween, I think of my mom’s time-tested advice: everything in moderation. Here’s how you can turn trick-or-treating into an educational activity for your little money geniuses.

How do I talk to my kids about my will?

Having a conversation with your kids about your will is important, especially if you’re splitting the inheritance unevenly. Here are my tips on how to conduct this tough talk.

Is college the only option after high school? We asked three generations

I asked people of three different generations about what their expectations were after high school graduation. Did they view college as their only option, and why did they go? The answers may surprise you.

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