The latest on financial resolutions, saving vs. investing, and talking about money

The latest on financial resolutions, saving vs. investing, and talking about money

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


Why more American women need to talk to each other about finance


My new year’s resolution for 2018? Getting people to talk to each other about finance—especially women! Here’s a lovely interview with one of the two superstars behind The Financial Diet about their new money book for young women, and why we all need to get more comfortable talking about personal finance.

9 financial resolutions for pre-retirees

U.S. News

Got your eye on retirement? Take this year to get your finances in order for the big day. It’s important to go into retirement with a game plan—don’t be afraid to have a conversation with your family and your financial advisor about creating one.

I deliberately took a lower-paying job. Here’s how it’s working out.

The Billfold

We normally hear about people leaving their jobs for higher-paying ones, but sometimes a lower-paying job fits better with your career goals. Just make sure you have a plan for your finances. This woman supplemented her income with freelance work and negotiated fewer hours in return for lower pay.

New data shows millennials would rather save than invest


New research shows that millennials would rather monitor their savings themselves than put the money into investments. It makes sense, given their experience watching what happened to their parents’ investments during the Great Recession. But while putting some money in a liquid savings account is important, it’s smart to invest any extra capital in low-cost index funds for their higher rates of return.

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3 cool organizations teaching kids about money

I’m constantly blown away by the innovative ways people teach kids about money. Here are some organizations using cool and savvy ways to spread financial education.

How do I convince my millennial kid to start saving for retirement now?

It might seem impossible to get your twentysomething kid to start thinking about retirement—especially if they’re still paying off student loans. But you can, I promise! Here’s how to have that conversation.

The Department of Education takes another step toward stripping students of any defense against for-profit colleges

Betsy DeVos and the Department of Education could curb a key Obama-era protection that will strip students of protections against fraudulent for-profit colleges and universities. 

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