The latest on women working remotely and the public pension crisis

The latest on women working remotely and the public pension crisis

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What they don’t tell women about remote work


Working from home may sound like a dream, but for women, the pay gap persists regardless of work environment. Telecommuting does not solve the toxic gender dynamics at play when it comes to equal pay.

The pension hole for U.S. cities and states is the size of Germany’s economy [Paywall]

The Wall Street Journal

Retirement pension funds for public workers—including firefighters and teachers—are in danger of insolvency unless state and city governments find ways to increase taxes or divert funds. Estimates say that these funds are $4 trillion short, which could force aging workers to take substantial benefit cuts.

When young stars sue their parents: Whose money is it, anyway?

—Hollywood Reporter

When minors get big paychecks, how much of the money is theirs and how much belongs to their parents? In most industries, the cash goes to Mom and Dad. But not in show biz, thanks to the Coogan Law.

How to get the most out of college

The New York Times

A few keys to a fulfilling college experience: a deep connection to a professor or mentor, participating on and around campus, and not mistaking career and financial success for happiness.

Craving more financial finds? Here are my latest blog posts!

Why short-term insurance will sell you short

The Trump administration’s new policies on short-term health insurance may encourage millions of Americans to buy subpar health plans with inadequate coverage.

How your college-bound kid should manage money on campus

When your kid goes to college, he’ll be responsible for managing his money in ways he hasn’t been before. Here are options for where to bank on campus—and how to split bills with friends.

The senseless rollback of consumer protections for military families

A new report shows that the Trump administration wants to weaken a law designed to protect military members from shady lending practices, especially when buying cars.

Infographic: College Savings 101

Everything parents need to know about stashing away money for their kids’ college education—in one handy chart.

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