The latest on job scams, the pay gap, and what tax documents you can toss—and which ones to keep

The latest on job scams, the pay gap, and what tax documents you can toss—and which to keep

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


Former Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz on the messed up excuses execs give for paying women less than men


This Women’s History Month, it pays to take a good hard look at why a woman still earns 80 cents for every dollar a man makes. Former Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz gives her two cents on why companies can’t seem to kick their habit of underpaying women, and what women can do to close the pay gap.

Millennials are most likely to fall for job scams, including this new one


Millennials might be tech-savvy, but that doesn’t mean they can’t fall for an online ruse. A new scam is taking advantage of job insecurity to lure millennials into giving out their personal information for “career advancement.” Here’s what to look out for, as well as other job schemes to stay wary of.

The (long) list of financial documents you should keep

—The New York Times

Digging through all that tax season paperwork is just so tedious. Is it really necessary to hold on to that shoebox of receipts? Or all those insurance forms? The answers are in this list of key financial documents you should hold on to in order to make your taxes easier.

Jittery from stock market volatility? Don’t run. Just hug.

—The New York Times

Stock market ups and downs got you running for the hills? Remember—long-term investments will always experience volatility. Instead of panicking and selling your portfolio at every bump, take some advice on staying calm from Carl Richards. (You know, the guy who gives great financial advice via napkin doodles.)

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If you’re getting married, chances are your finances are too. Here’s my strategy for tackling retirement savings together once you’ve tied the knot.

My wife and I disagree on how to spend our tax refund

Should you use your tax refund to pay down debt or take a much-needed vacation? If you and your spouse disagree, here’s how to have a tricky tax-season conversation.

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