The latest on millennial retirement, a student loan forgiveness fix, and generational spending differences

The latest on millennial retirement, a student loan forgiveness fix, and generational spending differences

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


Millennials explain why they have nothing saved for retirement


66% of young people ages 21-32 have nothing saved for retirement. That’s right…nothing. Here are some reasons millennials are putting this off—from burdensome student debt to betting a business venture will be successful enough to fund retirement (not a recommended strategy!).

A student loan fix for a teacher, and many other public servants

New York Times

Last year, many people working in public service got a rude awakening when they realized that their student debt did not qualify for the loan forgiveness program. Now, Congress is offering a $350 million loan forgiveness “fix-it” fund. While the details of the fund are still not entirely clear, it could help many.

How different generations spend their money


I love looking at this kind of data. If you’ve ever wondered how much different generations spend on things like housing, transportation, and entertainment, here’s a great breakdown.

College left me in debt. Here’s how I’m making sure my son can get a degree — without loans.

—Washington Post

One mother’s journey to pay off $89,000 in student debt, and why she’s saying “never again” for her son. Thankfully, there are many resources like scholarships and grants that can make her son’s college degree more manageable.

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How women can close the gender gap in retirement savings

You’ve heard of the pay gap, but did you know that there is a huge gender gap when it comes to retirement savings as well? Here’s how we can start closing it.

I’m kicking off Money Smart Week 2018 in Chicago!

I’m giving the keynote at the Chicago Federal Reserve next month! Very excited to be kicking off Money Smart Week 2018 with some fellow financial literacy nerds (and if that’s you, come stop by!)

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