The latest on money lessons for the new year, high college application fees, and tax breaks for natural disasters

The latest on money lessons for the new year, sky-high college application fees, and tax breaks for natural disasters

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


Tax break for disaster losses largely disappears in tax law


This year, people all across America endured huge (and tragic) losses from natural disasters. But starting in 2018, only losses from federally declared disasters will qualify for a tax write-off. Cutting these breaks is a major oversight in the new tax plan. Here’s what you can still do to protect your home.

The 17 biggest money lessons of 2017 to end up richer and wiser — and ready for 2018


What did we learn this year? Well, a lot—especially when it comes to money. From avocado toast to the CFPB, here’s a supersmart roundup of the financial “Greatest Hits” of 2017, and what they can teach us in the year to come.

What it’s like to quit your job during the holidays

The Billfold

This woman quit her job without a backup plan in the middle of the holidays. (Yikes!) Here’s how this recipe for financial disaster turned out, well, pretty good. Hint: The trick is in knowing what you’re looking for next.

This high school senior is spending $1,700 on college applications. Is that insane or normal?


While your high school senior is applying to colleges this year, you may notice something. Those application fees—$20 here, $60 there—can add up to astronomical sums. It’s not just tuition and books that will hurt your wallet. Here’s how to minimize those costs leading up to college.

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Infographic: 10 ways to reset your finances for the new year 

Instead of a long list of financial new years resolutions that you won’t keep, why don’t you try hitting the reset button on your money this year? Here’s my list of 10 ways to wipe the slate clean and clear out your bad money habits.

How do I talk to my new partner about financial obligations from my previous marriage?

In this week’s Ask Beth, a reader is getting ready to propose! If you are getting remarried, here’s how to talk to your partner about financial obligations from a previous marriage, such as child support, alimony, or legal bills.

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