The latest on Money Diaries, financial mistakes, and teachers working second shifts

The latest on Money Diaries, financial mistakes, and teachers taking second jobs to pay the bills

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


Love and Money: What to do when your parents haven’t saved for retirement


It might be hard to confront your parents about not having saved anything for retirement—especially as they get older. Here’s how to have a conversation with them about the steps they need to take.

How Money Diaries became a must-read for millennials (and for those who love them)

The Ringer

If you’re a millennial, you’ve probably heard of Refinery29’s Money Diaries by now. Here’s why the column is so important—not just for young women but for everyone who is scared to talk about money.

The Second Shift: What teachers are doing to pay their bills

The New York Times

It’s not news that many teachers across America are struggling to make ends meet on their salaries—especially when coupled with budget cuts across the country. From serving coffee to sorting packages in a warehouse, here’s a glimpse into how teachers are paying their bills outside the classroom.

How can I recover from the money problems of my early 20s?

The Cut

An anonymous writer asks for advice on what to do if you’re still paying for the money mistakes of your youth. Here’s some sound advice on how to make it all more manageable.

Craving more financial finds? Here is my latest blog post! 

A lesson from the financial crisis, 10 years later: Keep your cool

Ten years ago, Lehman Brothers went bankrupt. Here is one of the biggest money lessons from the financial crisis of 2008. Let it serve you well when investing.

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