The latest on ‘self-care,’ paying off student loans early, and exploiting second chances

The latest on ‘self-care,’ paying off student loans early, and exploiting second chances

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


The snake oil of the second-act industry

The New York Times

Some scams are more dressed up than others. Here’s how for-profit schools and other organizations are exploiting midlife dissatisfaction, promising a second chance while submerging people in debt.

Uh oh: I spent almost $600 on “self-care” in June

Man Repeller

A writer takes a hard look at her spending habits. Is anyone else guilty of indulgent spending in the name of “self-care”?

How 5 women paid off their student loans in under 10 years

The Cut

Here are some great personal stories from women who paid off their student loans early. One woman didn’t even know she had taken out student loans until she had almost finished college! Just goes to show how important it is for parents to educate their kids on student debt and create an action plan.

My girlfriend and I don’t share clothes—or health and beauty products

The Billfold

How one couple gets along despite having very different ideas about money. (In fact, they’re polar opposites in some ways!)

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What does it mean to be financially independent?

For this July 4th, I asked members of different generations what it means to be financially independent. Here are answers from Gen Z, the millennial generation, and Gen X.

When your teen is making real money

How do you handle money conversations when your child is earning significant money as a runway model?

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