The latest on extreme student loans, community-based lending circles, and learning on the job

The latest on extreme student loans, community-based lending circles, and learning on the job

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


Mike Meru has $1 million in student loans. How did that happen? [Paywall]

The Wall Street Journal

Who is Mike Meru? Just your average American orthodontist—except he is saddled with massive student loan debt. And he is not alone. Almost 6% of student borrowers owe more than $100,000. As for Mike? He owes $1 million. Here’s how it happened.

How student debt can ruin home buying dreams

The New York Times

It’s not news that millennials are putting off home buying until much later compared to earlier generations. There are many reasons: economic instability, delayed marriage, and, of course, historic amounts of student debt.

The radical economics of lending your friends money


While I always advise against lending money to family or friends if you need it back, the group model of a community-based “kye” lending circle might help to hold everyone accountable. It would also be useful for those unable to participate in the formal banking system because of financial constraints, such as maintaining a minimum balance in their checking account.

The best money lessons I learned as a personal finance writer


Personal finance writer James Dennin of Mic talks about his triumphs and challenges when it comes to managing his own money and learning financial skills on the job. (Quite a fringe benefit, I’d say!)

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How to get your siblings to help take care of your aging parents

Eldercare is tricky to navigate within a family, especially when siblings aren’t all on the same page. Here’s how to have a conversation about everyone pitching in, financially and otherwise.

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