The latest on age discrimination in the workplace and how your psychology affects your money habits

The latest on age discrimination in the workplace and how your psychology affects your money habits

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


All the human flaws and biases that prevent you from managing money better


It’s not just you—for many of us, our psychology gets in the way of being great at money. Thankfully, there are ways to trick yourself, such as automating your savings. Here’s what else to look for.

Live a little vs. rainy day


Kudos to this couple for having an honest conversation about their money disagreements! Talking about money is hard, but it’s important for any relationship.

Older workers are consistently discriminated against in job hiring—here’s how we can fix that


According to data from the New York Federal Reserve, people’s salaries actually start declining when they reach their fifties. And while the bias is ingrained in many industries, there are steps that can be taken to fight ageism.

Apparently, millennials don’t need or deserve apartments with living rooms


Contrary to this architect’s argument, removing living rooms from young people’s apartments is not a cure for expensive rents. In pricey big cities, no living room likely means you are far less likely to stay home and more likely to go out for meals and recreation. That won’t help you save money.

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Would $10,000 convince you to move to small-town Nebraska?

As millennials flock to big cities, some small towns are coming up with new ways to attract young people. One of them? Pay out some big bucks.

5 things your teen needs to know about her first “real” job

Is your high schooler gearing up for her first summer job—with a real paycheck and everything? Here’s how you can prepare her.

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