The latest on at-risk pensions, early retirement, and why millennial women don’t talk about their salaries

The latest on at-risk pensions, early retirement, and why millennial women don’t talk about their salaries

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The real reasons millennial women don’t talk about their salaries


There’s a lot of reasons why money is the last taboo. We’ll have conversations about drugs, sex—but when it comes to money, most of us freeze up. For many young women, shame and fear are why they’re not talking about their salaries. Here’s why they should.

The 10-year baby window that is the key to the women’s pay gap

The New York Times

Why is it that after all the progress we’ve made in gender equality, we still have such a large pay gap between men and women? New research shows that if women have children before 25 or after 35, that gap will eventually close. But that 10-year window in between might be key.

1 million Americans are counting on Congress to save their pensions


1 million American workers are at risk of losing their retirement pensions as their union pension plans may run out of money within two decades. A bipartisan commission has been created to address this in Congress—let’s hope they do the right thing.

A growing cult of millennials is obsessed with early retirement. This 72-Year-Old is their unlikely inspiration.


With the right planning, is it realistic to retire early? (I know you’ve fantasized about it!) A growing group of millennials are making that their goal. Here’s how a 72-year-old personal finance writer from a very different generation has inspired them.

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Do I need to buy life insurance now that I’m a parent?

Life insurance agents can seem like con artists. And the topic is either terrifying or deadly dull to most people. But if you have kids depending on you, you need life insurance. Here’s how to buy what’s right for your family.

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