The latest on the cost of raising a child, the CFPB, and why women hold more student debt

The latest on the cost of raising a child, the CFPB, and why women hold more student debt

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


American women hold two-thirds of all student debt—here’s why


Americans have $1.5 trillion in student loan debt—but two thirds of that is held by women. Why? In part, it’s probably because men are getting a better financial education than women are. A 2016 survey found that about a third of parents say they talk to their sons more than their daughters about financial issues.

Trump’s CFPB looks at credit cards and, absurdly, sees ‘a positive picture for consumers’

Los Angeles Times

The latest CFPB report—released under Mick Mulvaney, who has been scaling back regulation enforcement on banks—claims there’s “a positive picture for consumers in the credit card market.” Americans carry about $834 billion in credit card debt. It is irresponsible of the CFPB to discount the dangers to American consumers.

How much does a baby cost? From kids to teens, how to save enough money and afford a child.


Being a parent and watching your children grow up is priceless, but let’s be honest—kids are expensive! Here’s exactly how expensive—and some ways to cut down on childcare costs.

Money-saving tips for wedding guests

The New York Times

Did you know that the average guest spends $900 per wedding? That’s right, guest. Travel, new clothes, and gifts add up to a hefty price tag. Here are some ways you can cut down spending for your friend’s special day.

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How do I convince my daughter to get health insurance?

I like to think of health insurance as bankruptcy insurance—and it’s crucial for everyone to have a health care plan. Here’s how to talk to your adult kid if she isn’t convinced.

Want your girl to get paid like a boy? Treat her like one.

 One of the keys to closing the gender gap is how we raise our girls vs. how we raise our boys. As parents, we are responsible for making sure our sons and daughters grow up equally savvy about money!

Financial firsts for women

For this Women’s History Month, I wanted to pay homage to all the pioneers who have fought for gender equality. Here is a timeline of spectacular American women who have fought for equal rights, financial and otherwise.

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