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What to do first when it comes to saving for retirement

As you consider your goals for the New Year, I hope one of them is to save for retirement. But with so many different ways to go about it, you may be left with one question: What do I do first?

What's a Roth 401(k)?

If you know anything about retirement plans, you probably know about the big guys: the 401(k), the traditional IRA, and the Roth IRA. But what about the Roth 401(k)?

Should you invest in target-date funds?

Investment lingo can be a bit complicated, but let's break down one type of investment option that's up for debate: target-date funds.

4 finance tips for the self-employed

Some finance tips for those who have embraced their inner entrepreneur to start their own businesses or go freelance.

Is there ever a time to NOT save for college?

Thanks to the recession and the skyrocketing price of higher education, many families are forced to choose between socking away for their kids' college education and saving for retirement.

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