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Understanding compound interest: No math required!

If there's one concept you need to understand when it comes to saving and investing, it's compound interest.

5 things women need to do for retirement

Here's hoping ALL women will be financially safe and sound and able to enjoy their post-work lives!

Employees can look forward to raises and new 401(k) features

Employees can look forward to two perks: raises (yes, you read that right) and new 401(k) features. Here's what you should know.

Will your 401(k) be enough?

A new study shows that folks in their 60s with a 401(k) have less than a quarter of what they need to maintain their standard of living in retirement. And 25% of Baby Boomers have no retirement savings at all.

Don't be afraid of retirement

To some, retirement is a dirty word. It may be hard to imagine yourself as a senior citizen because it feels so far off. Or the idea of saving for retirement may be just plain overwhelming.

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