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5 things women need to do for retirement

Here's hoping ALL women will be financially safe and sound and able to enjoy their post-work lives!

Employees can look forward to raises and new 401(k) features

Employees can look forward to two perks: raises (yes, you read that right) and new 401(k) features. Here's what you should know.

Will your 401(k) be enough?

A new study shows that folks in their 60s with a 401(k) have less than a quarter of what they need to maintain their standard of living in retirement. And 25% of Baby Boomers have no retirement savings at all.

Don't be afraid of retirement

To some, retirement is a dirty word. It may be hard to imagine yourself as a senior citizen because it feels so far off. Or the idea of saving for retirement may be just plain overwhelming.

Got cash? Smart things to do with your holiday loot

If you were one of the lucky people who got cash instead of stuff this holiday season, don't spend it all yet!

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