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Introducing my motto for 2011: Save $3 a Day!

Though I'm not one for easily-made/easily-broken resolutions to lose 10 pounds or learn a foreign language, I do love approaching a new year with thoughts of fresh starts and renewed goals.

What to do first when it comes to saving for retirement

As you consider your goals for the New Year, I hope one of them is to save for retirement. But with so many different ways to go about it, you may be left with one question: What do I do first?

What's a Roth 401(k)?

If you know anything about retirement plans, you probably know about the big guys: the 401(k), the traditional IRA, and the Roth IRA. But what about the Roth 401(k)?

Should you invest in target-date funds?

Investment lingo can be a bit complicated, but let's break down one type of investment option that's up for debate: target-date funds.

4 finance tips for the self-employed

Some finance tips for those who have embraced their inner entrepreneur to start their own businesses or go freelance.

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