The fourth edition of Get a Financial Life by Beth Kobliner is out now!

Out today! The fourth edition of Get a Financial Life

Make your kid a money genius, and give her a financial life

I have two editions of the same book in front of me. One was written by a plucky upstart finance journalist who believed—against the advice of pretty much everyone—that young people would care about stodgy topics like expense ratios, adjustable-rate mortgages, and death benefits.

The other edition is by a (slightly older) financial literacy advocate and mother of three who believes just as wholeheartedly that learning about money is crucial to everyone, at any age.

Same book, same author. Same conviction.

Twenty years ago, I published the first edition of Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties. It went on to become a New York Times bestseller because my generation had been waiting for practical money advice written just for them.

Today, the fourth edition of the book—completely revised and updated for a radically changed economy—hits shelves. One thing hasn’t changed in those two decades, though: The hunger for financial smarts is just as strong.

Weirdly, Get a Financial Life has become a kind of sequel to my other guide, Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even If You’re Not). That book is designed to set kids ages 3 to 23 on the path to financial stability. Get a Financial Life takes up the task when those same kids enter adulthood.

So whether you’re a parent struggling to give your kids good money habits or you could use some advice yourself, I’ve got you covered.

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