The latest on trans-friendly credit cards, lending algorithms, and how money comparisons help you save

The latest on trans-friendly credit cards, lending algorithms, and how money comparisons help you save

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


Inclusivity comes to credit cards: Mastercard creates ‘True Name’ for transgender, nonbinary customers

 –The Washington Post 

Mastercard is allowing transgender and nonbinary people to swap out their “dead name” with the name they identify with, under their new True Name program. It’s a first for the financial industry, but a necessity for cardholders who get harassed or are denied service because their IDs do not match their credit cards.

Former for-profit college students will have $168 million in student debt cancelled


Millions of dollars in student loan debt will be cancelled for more than 18,000 former students who attended ITT Tech, a for-profit college. The school and its partnering loan servicer were accused of a scheme in which students were misinformed or lured to take on debt that they couldn’t afford.

Fintech algorithms discriminate 40% less than traditional lenders


The U.S. housing market has long been biased against minorities, but according to a recent study of mortgages, algorithmic fintech lending companies (or “algos,” such as Quicken Loans), are 40% less discriminatory than traditional loan officers. It signals hope that the industry will provide fairer financing, but doesn’t address the persistence of widespread discrimination.

The case for having tightwad friends

–The Cut

“Upward social comparison” or seeing how you compare to those ahead of you financially might actually be helpful in saving money. An MIT study resulted in participants socking away more when they learned their savings lagged behind their peers. One caveat: You need to compare yourself against people similar enough to you so that goals seem accessible.

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