The latest on millionaire retirees, separate bank accounts for couples, and the demise of the Fiduciary Rule

The latest on millionaire retirees, separate bank accounts for couples, and the demise of the Fiduciary Rule

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


America is minting more millionaire retirees than ever


According to a new report, 1 in 6 American retirees is a millionaire (if you include assets like homes). And, retirees are healthier than ever—62% are enjoying a life without cognitive or physical limitations. However, wealth inequality has grown. We need to educate young people today to start investing for retirement early, to help close the gap in the future.

Buyer beware: Life after the Fiduciary Rule

Money Talking, WNYC

The Fiduciary Rule was proposed in 2015 with the goal of protecting consumers and making sure financial advisors served the best interests of their clients—rather than make recommendations driven by commissions. Take a moment today to learn what the disappearance of the Fiduciary Rule means to you.

Why more young married couples are keeping separate bank accounts

The Atlantic

Millennial married couples are thinking twice about joining their finances. Here’s why so many are opting for separate bank accounts—and it’s not for lack of trust.

How a common interview question fuels the gender pay gap (and how to stop it)

New York Times

If you’ve ever switched jobs, you’ve likely encountered a question about your previous salary. Now, many states (and companies) are doing away with this practice. Why? It might fuel the gender pay gap.

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I closed out Financial Literacy Month with a slideshow of my favorite moments on the road, from sharing my viral video with Kate McKinnon to speaking to educators at the Chicago Federal Reserve about kids and money.

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