The latest on 401(k) expansion, resetting the health care debate, and rescuing low-income college students

The latest on 401(k) expansion, resetting the health care debate, and rescuing low-income college students

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Don’t have a 401(k)? Retirement plans could be expanded to include more workers

—Arizona Republic

The House of Representatives is making a bipartisan effort to get more people to save for retirement. A new proposal wants to make it easier for small employers to offer 401(k)s by allowing multiple businesses to pool their plans together. It would help an estimated 700,000 more Americans save for retirement.

Obamacare fight obscures America’s real health care crisis: Money


While politicians debate the merits of the Affordable Care Act, polls show that cost is the main health care issue Americans are concerned about, since many people are still confronted with high insurance premiums, out-of-pocket costs, and surprise medical bills.

A culture of caring

The Chronicle of Higher Education

In Texas, Amarillo College is attracting national attention for its “No Excuses” program, which offers social services and financial assistance to low-income students struggling to afford basic needs like food and housing. Recognizing that poverty poses the biggest challenge to student retention, the program rallies support from the local community and is being used as a model at other colleges.

Getting rid of debt may actually make your brain work better


A study in Singapore tested low-income participants who got debt relief and found their overall anxiety, cognitive functioning, and impulse control improved. The researchers hope to showcase how challenging it is to escape poverty, given that debt impairs your psychological functioning and decision-making. 

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Trump higher ed plans include new cap on student loans and boosting for-profits

Congress is tackling the long-overdue revision of the Higher Education Act, but the Trump Administration has already laid out its priorities. Here’s the scoop.

How to network with no connections

Knowing the right people is important for your career, but what if you are newly graduated, or just don’t have any connections? Here’s tips on getting started.

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