The latest on same-sex discrimination, side hustles, and improving our self-control with money

The latest on same-sex discrimination, side hustles, and improving our self-control with money

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


Same-sex couples applying for a mortgage face more rejection and higher rates, a study says


A recent study found that same-sex couples applying for mortgages were 73% more likely to be denied than heterosexual couples with similar financial backgrounds. And those who were approved for mortgages were charged 0.2% more in interest and fees, which amounts to about $86 million a year.

The con of the side hustle

—The New York Times

Side hustles may seem trendy and are sometimes even glamourized, but the reality is that many workers are forced to string together these freelance gigs or take on a secondary job due to rising expenses and wage stagnation. This op-ed has some suggestions on how to stop sugarcoating this ugly truth.

A smarter way to think about willpower

—The Washington Post

When it comes to healthy habits like saving money, most Americans blame a lack of self-control as the reason why these good behaviors seem to be declining. But some researchers disagree—self-control among Americans may actually be improving. The solution, they argue, is to create the right external environment through regulation, nudges, and specific strategies that put temptation out of reach.

Ask these questions about your credit card—they could save you hundreds of dollars


According to a recent CompareCards survey, women are less likely than men to negotiate with their credit card company for better terms or interest rates. And many women (70%) and men (59%) never even ask in the first place, simply because they didn’t know they could.

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