The latest on cash’s comeback, pay transparency, and why money diaries might be harmful

The latest on cash’s comeback, pay transparency, and why money diaries might be harmful

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


The cashless revolution is fizzling out, as trendy salad chain Sweetgreen and Amazon backtrack following backlash and regulation

—Business Insider

Cashless establishments like Sweetgreen and Amazon Go are reversing their transaction policies and will begin to accept cash, amid criticism that they excluded customers without bank accounts. The change comes as more cities and states work to ban cashless establishments.

Companies must hand over data on how they pay men vs. women by September, judge says


A Washington, D.C., federal judge ruled that companies must tell the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission how much they paid female and male employees in 2018. The ruling is considered a win for closing the wage gap between men and women.

The unbearable lightness of money diaries

—The New York Times

Money diaries, in which anonymous people share how much they make and what they buy, are hugely popular across the internet, with some even going viral. But are they useful or harmful? Here’s the case for both.

4 people on feeling crushed by their student debt

—The Cut

Student debt hasn’t just delayed milestones like getting married and buying a home; it’s also an everyday source of stress. In this story, four people share what it’s like to carry massive debt.

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Could your boomerang kid sink your retirement?

Supporting adult kids who move back home can hurt parents’ retirement savings. Here’s how to strike a balance.

Lawmakers are (finally) embracing financial literacy

Hooray! Legislation requiring financial education in K–12 schools is advancing at the federal level with the Youth Financial Literacy Act—and in states like Arizona, Rhode Island, and Maine.

For overspenders, a year of no shopping

Habits can be tough to break. So try going cold turkey. This no-shopping exercise can help you hit your spending and savings goals.

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