The latest on how to hack the Republican tax plan, charity, and mistakes when paying for college

The latest on how to hack the new tax plan, plus charity and mistakes when paying for college

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


Hacking the tax plan: 13 ways to profit off the Republican tax bill

New York Times

The GOP legislation will disproportionately shift the burden of taxes to the middle class. Here are some ways you can still hack it in your favor. Start soon, because some of these tricks won’t work next year.

How to nudge people to give more to charity


Behavioral economist Anna Breman came up with a supersmart way to use our own psychology to get us to be more charitable. Here’s what her research found, and how nonprofits could use it to increase donations.

Bad news for nonprofits: Will people still give as much if they can’t get a tax deduction for their charitable giving?

Washington Post

Here’s something you might not have expected from the GOP tax plan: less charitable giving. According to research from Indiana University, the new plan could deter donations so much that charitable contribution could drop by $13 billion. This would be a huge blow to nonprofits.

11 misconceptions about paying for college

Washington Post

If you want to maximize your financial aid for college, make sure you’re aware of the common mistakes people make when paying for school. If your high school senior is currently applying, read this now to avoid a money mess next year.

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Should I talk my kid out of declaring a liberal arts major?

We know that some majors predict higher salaries than others. But does that mean that your child is doomed if they want to study the liberal arts? Not necessarily.

How Betsy Devos’s friendliness to for-profit schools stands to put a generation at risk

Tens of thousands of student debt forgiveness applications are being stalled at the U.S. Department of Education under Betsy Devos’s leadership. Here’s how her support for for-profit schools complicates the situation.

How to negotiate salary after a lowball offer

Congratulations, you got a job offer! But wait…why is the salary so low? Here are some tips to negotiate higher pay if the initial offer was surprisingly low.

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