The latest on credit card fees and how credit scores impact your love life

The latest on credit card fees and how credit scores impact your love life

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


Allowing children financial freedom can pay off

Washington Post

Children who are given the freedom to manage money on their own are more likely to open up to their parents about their financial concerns and questions. Having this kind of open dialogue goes a long way toward facilitating more difficult money conversations later in life.

A major online dating turn on (or turn off)? Your credit score


Looks like a good credit score can help in more ways than you think. More than half of online daters say having a high credit score is more attractive in a partner than driving a nice car (hopefully one that isn’t financed by a subprime auto loan). Yet another reason to bump those digits up. Check out this article for more on your credit score, and how to get a free report.

Credit card fees are out of control for many Americans: Here’s how to avoid getting ripped off


It can be hard to get a credit card if you have a low credit score. If you’re one of the 16 million Americans with a credit score under 600, make sure to avoid unsecured, subprime credit cards. They come with massive fees (and headaches). Opt for a secured card from a trusted issuer instead.

A new study reveals a surprising trend about millennials and college majors


FiveThirtyEight survey shows that more college students are opting for technical majors with better job security and higher earning potential, which should help them pay off their student loans down the road.

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