The latest on assisted living costs, online prenups, and how optimism can help you save money

The latest on assisted living costs, online prenups, and how optimism can help you save money

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


Many Americans will need long-term care. Most won’t be able to afford it.

—The New York Times

Assisted living and medical costs are rising, and many middle-class Americans won’t be able to afford long-term care when they need it, caught between having too much money to qualify for Medicaid and not enough to pay out of pocket.

I got a $20 prenup — & it helped me have some hard conversations about money


Rather than drop thousands of dollars on a legally binding prenup, this engaged couple used a prenup template. While it may not hold up in court, it got their marriage off on better financial footing.

When lying to yourself pays off

—The Cut

Optimists have the upper hand when it comes to saving money, not only because they believe they can do it, but also because they think they can overcome temporary setbacks.

Federal lawsuit says CFPB should collect data on business-loan applications from women and minorities


A federal lawsuit was filed against the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to force it to collect data on loan applications from women- and minority-owned small businesses. The CFPB’s annual reports have lacked this information, making it difficult to spot discriminatory lending practices.

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Bringing home baby without breaking the bank

If you’re expecting, you’ll need to do more than buy diapers and baby-proof your home. Make sure your finances are ready for that new bundle of joy.

Fact Check Finance: If you haven’t started saving for retirement by age 40, it’s too late.

In this installment, I offer hope to the middle-ager who’s late to the retirement-savings party. Here’s what to do if you’ve been neglecting your nest egg.

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