The latest on sharing salaries with co-workers, debt bailout, and dream jobs in retirement

The latest on sharing salaries, debt bailout, and dream jobs in retirement

Here are some favorite personal finance reads from around the web this week.


The least awkward way to talk about salary with your co-workers


If you think you might be making less (or more) than some of your co-workers and want to compare notes on your salaries, there are ways to have that conversation without it getting weird.

I’m drowning in $100,000 of debt. But someone wants to help.

The New York Times

When someone offers you a financial lifeline, do you take it? The Sugars weigh in.

This woman found the perfect retirement dream job. Here’s how you can too


You can find your dream job when you least expect it, including…retirement? It makes sense. After retirement you may finally have the time to set your sights on your passions.

Keeping myself accountable by writing down my clothing purchases

The Billfold

This may not work for everyone, but for this woman, writing down all her clothing purchases made her realize some things about her spending behavior.

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It’s road trip season! Here’s how to save on everything from snacks to gas.

Summer is a perfect time for road trips with the family. Here are my tips for saving money on gas, lodging, food, and everything in between.

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