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We need to protect Richard Cordray’s Legacy at the CFPB

The head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has announced he will be stepping down.

3 leaders who are helping veterans

I'm extra-proud to honor our veterans today because finally there's movement to get them the services and protections they've been denied and absolutely deserve.

Student loan borrowers: Help is on the way

What a good week for borrowers: First, President Obama announced new rules to help homeowners with underwater mortgages. And now, new changes that can help roughly 5.8 million people who have federal student loans.

Does the debt deal really need to pick on grad students? Part 1

Although the details of the Budget Control Act are still murky, one part is crystal clear: Congress wants to make it much more expensive for graduate students to borrow money to get their degrees.

How the 2010 tax bill will impact you

Update: President Obama signed the bill into law on Dec. 17, 2010.

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