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personal finance

5 ways to make sure those gift cards keep on giving

Gift cards are a great opportunity to teach your kids valuable money lessons, from decision-making to budgeting.

What your baby can teach you about personal finance

Your baby offers unconditional love. But that’s not all. She might actually be the world’s cutest personal finance expert.

What should you do if the U.S. defaults?

An agreement needs to be reached on the debt ceiling by Tuesday, August 2, the deadline for when the Treasury starts to run out of money to pay all the government's bills.

Drawing our way to financial literacy

Money is complicated. (I'm sure no one will argue with that!) That's why I love how a simple line drawing like this one can offer a world of personal finance wisdom.

I spoke to parents about teaching little kids about money

School's starting, and even though financial reform has made lots of people buzz about financial literacy and the importance of teaching kids about money, most schools haven't yet incorporated money lessons into their curriculum.

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