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The latest on money windfalls, short-circuiting financial disputes, and the decline of the CFPB

Financial Finds: A weekly roundup of quick personal finance reads.

Student loan borrowers: Help is on the way

What a good week for borrowers: First, President Obama announced new rules to help homeowners with underwater mortgages. And now, new changes that can help roughly 5.8 million people who have federal student loans.

A life vest for homeowners with underwater mortgages

Suffering from a severely underwater mortgage (when you owe more than your house is worth)? Good news: President Obama's new mortgage rules may help.

The real jobs solution? Demand action.

President Obama delivered his much-anticipated jobs speech last week and proposed a solution: The American Jobs Act.

4 reasons to cheer for Elizabeth Warren

Harvard Law professor Elizabeth Warren was tapped by President Obama last week to become the interim leader of the brand-new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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