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kids and money

Are your kids too entitled?

As a parent, you’re not alone if you find yourself in shock and awe over all the stuff your kids possess. I mean seriously, would you ever have imagined having that much when you were a kid?

Is automating your kid's allowance a good idea?

Do allowance websites make kids more—or less—money savvy?

What Modern Family can teach us about allowance and money smarts

Around our house, we’re big fans of Modern Family. So when I read that each kid on the show is paid $70,000 per episode, I was surprised to find out that despite their high salaries, they still have modest allowances.

New rules for your kid’s allowance

Don't step into some back-alley bargaining you're bound to regret! Here are three new rules about your kids’ money.

How parents influence their child’s future income

Parents often hope that their kids will surpass them when it comes to success. But is there a way to guarantee it?

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