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kids and money

5 super simple money lessons to teach kids of all ages

Small lessons you can teach now that will take the pressure off of you, and start your kid down the path to becoming a money-savvy adult.

Infographic: 10 tips to make your kids good gift givers

With tweens spending a record amount of their own money, we need to remind kids that it is the thought, after all, that counts. Check out my infographic for the top 10 lessons to teach your kids!

Money as You Learn: Teaching money math

Developed on the recommendation of the President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability, of which I'm a member, Money as You Learn provides tools for educators to integrate personal finance into teaching the Common Core.

Are your kids too entitled?

As a parent, you’re not alone if you find yourself in shock and awe over all the stuff your kids possess. I mean seriously, would you ever have imagined having that much when you were a kid?

Is automating your kid's allowance a good idea?

Do allowance websites make kids more—or less—money savvy?

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