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What Modern Family can teach us about allowance and money smarts

Around our house, we’re big fans of Modern Family. So when I read that each kid on the show is paid $70,000 per episode, I was surprised to find out that despite their high salaries, they still have modest allowances.

New rules for your kid’s allowance

Don't step into some back-alley bargaining you're bound to regret! Here are three new rules about your kids’ money.

The great debate: Should kids get an allowance?

The number one subject parents ask me about is allowance.

Chores, allowance, and jeans: Answers to your money questions!

Last week I had the privilege of being a guest expert on Café Mom's forum, "How Can You Teach Your Kids About Money?" Dozens of moms asked me questions about chores, allowance, and getting their kids to save.

5 ways to teach your kids about money

Here's a cheat sheet for every parent out there for teaching their kids about money.

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