Why your vote counts for you and your wallet this Election Day

Vote your conscience—and your wallet

It’s Election Day (you knew that, right?) and, sure, this isn’t a Congressional midterm nail-biter or presidential clash of the titans, but the stakes are still high for your financial well-being. Over the past year we’ve seen challenges in Washington to our ability to save for retirement, our access to health insurance, the ability of consumers to fight back against unscrupulous financial institutions, and—coming soon—the tax breaks your family depends on.

Maybe you feel like your voice doesn’t matter. Maybe you feel like, no matter your party allegiance—or staunch independence—that no one in politics is watching out for the everyman and everywoman. I get that. But hear me out. Every election counts because the ability of national politicians to bring change depends upon how willing your local and state representatives are to play ball—and because many of the smartest ideas percolate up from our city, county, and state governments.

No matter which pocketbook issues matter to you, if you haven’t already done so, get to your polling center and vote. Your wallet is counting on you.

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